September 2006 Parish Council Minutes

A meeting of Takeley Parish Council was held on
Wednesday September 6th 2006, at 7.30pm at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall.


Cllr. Trevor Allen (Chairman)           Cllr. Carol Pratt  (Vice Chairman)    
Cllr. Brian Baldwin                             Cllr. Patricia Barber                           
Cllr. Richard Cheetham                   Cllr. Jan Eichhorn
Cllr. Michael Garrick                      Cllr. John Gregory
Cllr. Michael Mew                         Cllr. Barrie Pountain
Mr.  David Fossett (Clerk)


Cllr. John Green                     

In Attendance:          

UDC Cllr.Jackie Cheetham              UDC Cllr.Richard Harris
ECC Cllr.Susan Flack                     Rev.Laurie Bond


The minutes of the August meeting, which had been circulated previously,
were agreed & signed as a true record by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:       





August Financial Report
Financial transactions for August 2006 were tabled & agreed.


All note


Audit 2005-2006
Lubbock Fine had requested more information in order to complete the 2005-06 audit & in particular how expenditure outside general expenditure powers were authorised & identified eg. Section 137 payments.
As S137 expenditure had been discussed many times by the Finance Committee & its recommendations adopted by TPC, it was proposed by Cllr.R.Cheetham, seconded by Cllr.C.Pratt & agreed unanimously, to clarify the issue by adding an addendum to the minute following the adoption of the Finance Committee report on 18.5.2006 (page 8 in the 2006 minute book), which noted the External Auditors comments & recommendations following the 2004-2005 audit report, as follows:-
    ‘From February 2006 authorised expenditure outside general expenditure powers eg: Section 137 payments, are agreed at monthly parish council meetings & are identified on monthly financial transaction reports (*S)’.




October Agenda


Appointment of New Clerk
Following interviews on the 6.9.2005 it was proposed by Cllr.C.Pratt, seconded by Cllr.M.Mew & agreed unanimously, to appoint Mrs.Jane Heskey as Clerk to Takeley Parish Council from 1.1.2007, subject to satisfactory reference checks.
The new Clerk will work in partnership with the retiring Clerk to ensure a smooth hand over to the newly elected council in May 2007.
A draft contract & conditions of service would be forwarded once an acknowledgement of acceptance had been received.



October Agenda


Local Community Forums
The Chairman encouraged Cllr’s to represent TPC by attending:
UDC Local Parish Liaison meetings
UDC South West Area panel meetings
ECC West Essex Area Forum meetings
Uttlesford Association of Local Council meetings &
ECC Flitch Way Liaison meetings.



All note


Takeley 2007
Local awareness of the need to encourage new Cllr’s to stand at the May 2007 elections would be raised at local organisation/group meetings, the village newsletter & the ‘Grapevine’.


All note


Section 106 – Morrells Green
UDC were still negotiating with ‘David Wilson Homes’ & UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham would assist in pursuing the matter.


October Agenda


Village Newsletter
Cllr.J.Eichhorn announced her intention to resign as Editor of the village newsletter for personal reasons. Possible replacement Editors would be discussed at the October meeting.


October Agenda


Finance Committee
Cllr.R.Cheetham would arrange a date for the next Finance Committee meeting where details of the contract / conditions of service for the new Clerk would be finalised.
The Clerk would invite Bob Weston (Weston Homes) to continue his annual donation to TPC for community projects.



All note


UDC – Community Achievement Awards 2006
2 nominations would be forwarded by Cllr.B.Baldwin & Cllr.J.Gregory in time for the October deadline - 13.10.2006.


October Agenda




TPC agreed the following responses to PLANNING APPLICATIONS received:-                                                                                 
Details following OP for erection of 38 dwellings etc. at Priors Green.
Brief Description:  Revised plans have been submitted for the agreed 38 dwellings and associated parking/garaging (Phase 3B) at Priors Green to modify the layout of the area particularly around plots 94-96.
Comments:  The proposed changes relate to small alterations to the layout and style of housing in this phase of the development. The number of houses remains at 38.    
No objections.
Renewal of planning permission UTT/0882/03/REN concerning use of Coopers End Roundabout.
Brief Description:  Planning regulations require, as in this case, that approved plans need renewal after a specified number of years.
Comments:  None.
No objections. 


Proposed changes to the dropped curb at Oak Tree House, The Street.
Brief Description:  It would appear from the plan that a separate and additional access to this property is required from the B1256. The result would be 2 entrances/exits to the property approx. 4.6 metres each. The total frontage of the property is approx. 32.8 m.
Comments:  From a brief survey of properties along The Street no dwellings appear to have more than a single means of access to the B1256. Agreement to this request would set a dangerous precedent for this area of Takeley.
Objection on the basis that the request is inconsistent and incompatible with other and similar properties along The Street and would set a dangerous and unsatisfactory precedent.

Renewal of Planning Permission for a replacement dwelling at
Tam O’Shanter Cottage, Coopers End.

Brief Description:  This application is for the renewal of planning permission granted by UDC on 13/6/02 for a replacement dwelling at Tam O’Shanter Cottage, Coopers End
Comments:  No changes are proposed to the existing permission and the applicant has not changed.
No objections.

Installation of floodlighting for evening football matches at Takeley Football Club.


Brief Description:  Takeley Football Club propose to install a total of 18 lights mounted on 6 lighting columns 15m high around the pitch. This illumination will enable football matches to take place in the evenings.
Comments: The football club is a successful and valuable part of the community and deserves local support, not just on the touch line! However the planning proposal gives no indication of the number of times a week the lighting system will be used or how long the lights will be switched on for. It will be necessary to establish how the lighting system is intended to be used so that the impact on residents in close proximity to the ground can be considered. It may be that rules of use will need to be established to protect the amenity of those living in close proximity to the ground.                                                                                                                  No objections - on condition that lighting be used only on 2 occasions per week between Mon & Fri & the lights turned out by 2130hrs. It is important that the standard of lighting used should comply with the latest quality standards for reduced light pollution & that local residents be made aware of the Football Clubs application.





Clerk to notify UDC



Priors Green – ‘Buffer Zone’
TPC were unable to comment on the proposed ‘buffer-zone’ between existing properties in Warren Close etc & the proposed new houses in Priors Green as ‘Countryside’ had yet to submit plans for this area to UDC.


All note


BAA – HOSS Legal Challenge
Cllr.B.Pountain would draft a letter to BAA asking for support for BAA’s private tenants in Molehill Green. Bat surveys were to be conducted at BAA properties in the village at considerable cost but as yet no financial support had been proposed for tenants in the event of leases being terminated.


October Agenda



EERA - Travellers/Gypsy Sites
Cllr.M.Garrick would draft a response to this contentious issue for TPC’s consideration at the October meeting.


October  Agenda







Stansted Airport Fly Parking
Cllr.B.Baldwin reported back from the latest meeting with UDC/ECC & BAA following results of the public exhibition held at the Silver Jubilee Hall on 27.6.2006.
Following years of complaints from local residents & a lengthy period of consultation, a postal survey & a public exhibition, ECC had decided to adopt an experimental pilot scheme. This pilot scheme, based on ‘Scheme 1’ as proposed at the public exhibition, would be introduced later this year.
The pilot scheme would be under constant review. TPC would publish details of the scheme in the Xmas newsletter.

October Agenda


Local Speed Reduction Issues
ECC Highways Officer Chris Stoneham would be invited to update TPC on speed reduction matters & other outstanding highways issues at the November meeting.


Coopers End Roundabout ECC Cllr.S.Flack confirmed that BAA had borne the costs of building the roundabout & access at Coopers End in the 1990’s to ECC specifications.


November Agenda


Takeley Entry Sign Planters

It was proposed by Cllr.J.Gregory, seconded by Cllr.B.Baldwin & agreed with 2 abstentions, to approve a self-funding project to install & maintain 8 planters at the entry points to Takeley village. UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham & Cllr.R.Cheetham would explore grant funding for the project & if successful a ‘licence to plant’ would be sought from ECC Highways.









Recreation Ground Report
Cllr.J.Green’s written report stated that equipment & grounds were in a satisfactory condition.


All note


Sports Field Report
Cllr.M.Garrick reported that the litter problem had improved & the Chairman had instructed the Village Handyman to visit the recreation ground & sports field once a week for litter duty. Estimates for new litter bins & a motor-cycle ‘gate-restrictor’ would be discussed at the next Finance meeting.



All note



ROSPA Report 2006
Mr.P.Tucker would be asked to provide estimates for essential remedial work to the recreation ground & sports field following this years ROSPA report recommendations.







Local Policing & Public Safety Issues Initiatives
Cllr.M.Garrick again expressed concern re. the lack of community policing in the Parish.
TPC had invited PC.Neil Russell of the Hatfield Heath Police Community Team to the October meeting.


October Agenda


Takeley Youth Initiatives
Cllr.M.Garrick reported that it was hoped that numbers attending the youth club at the Sports & Social Club would improve in the autumn term.


All note


ECC – Draft Schools Consultation Plan
TPC would support the Takeley School Governing Body in its response to the consultation. TPC would express its concern that BAA’s proposed G2 development & the HOSS was already having a detrimental effect on pupil numbers.
Contraction & its implications for school finance & pupil/teacher ratios would damage the quality of teaching & learning at the school that a recent OFSTED report had commended as very good.
Response deadline 29.9.2006.



Clerk to write


THE NEXT MEETING of Takeley Parish Council will be held on
Wednesday October 4th 2006 at Takeley Station House at 7.30pm.


The meeting finished at 10.10 pm.

David Fossett    Clerk of the Council  8.9.2006