October 2006 Parish Council Minutes

A meeting of Takeley Parish Council was held on
Wednesday October 4th 2006, at 7.30pm at Takeley Station House.


Cllr. Brian Baldwin           Cllr. Patricia Barber
Cllr. Richard Cheetham    Cllr. Jan Eichhorn
Cllr. Michael Garrick        Cllr. John Green
Cllr. John Gregory           Cllr. Michael Mew
Cllr. Barrie Pountain       Mr.  David Fossett (Clerk)


Cllr.Trevor Allen (Chairman)    Cllr. Carol Pratt  (Vice Chairman)
ECC Cllr.S.Flack                        

In Attendance:          

UDC Cllr.Jackie Cheetham                UDC Cllr.Richard Harris
Mr.M.Peachey & 28 local residents 

It was proposed by Cllr.J.Eichhorn, seconded by Cllr.M.Mew & agreed unanimously, to elect Cllr.R.Cheetham as Chairman of the meeting until Cllr.T.Allen arrived.
Cllr. Trevor Allen (Chairman) had apologised in advance for his late arrival.


The minutes of the September meeting, which had been circulated previously,
were agreed & signed as a true record by Cllr.R.Cheetham.

Matters Arising:

A039/06 – Audit 2005-2006
It was proposed by Cllr.R.Cheetham, seconded by Cllr.M.Garrick & agreed unanimously, to amend the minute from the September meeting to read:
‘From February 2006 authorised expenditure outside general expenditure powers eg: Section 137 payments, are endorsed & agreed at monthly parish council meetings & are identified on monthly financial transaction reports (*S)’.



B 012/06 - Priors Green Development
Rosa Clarke, Ian Williamson & James Blair from ‘Countryside Properties’ updated the meeting on progress at the site & answered questions from the audience on maters relating to:tree felling in Broadfield Road - for which they apologised, temporary access across Jacks Lane for work on a new balancing pond (an archaeological survey had taken place)security issues in Broadfield Road to be addressed, improved landscaping/fencing etcphase 2 spine road due for completion by the end of March 2007, phase 2 land sale to David Wilson Homes had been agreed, house design would remain in accordance with the original Master Plan.‘Countryside’ representatives were happy to arrange follow up meetings with residents to clarify issues.The Chairman thanked ‘Countryside’ for their attendance.

C023/04 - Airport Related Parking

Concern was expressed re. off-airport car parking at the Sports & Social Club.
UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham stated that UDC had issued an enforcement notice for compliance by the end of September 2006 & the illegal car parking had now ceased.

C003/05 - National Express Coaches

It was agreed that on behalf of TPC, Mr.M.Peachey’s letter be sent to Nat.Express Coaches urging that serious consideration be given to the cessation of Nat.Express coaches using the A1256 through Takeley when accessing Stansted Airport for the benefit of local residents (see Apx.A).

C019/06 - Footways in Garnetts

Complaints were received re. the condition of curb stones & footways in Garnets. ECC Highways officer Chris Stoneham would be contacted re. repairs.




September Financial Report
Financial transactions for September 2006 were tabled & agreed.


All note


Audit 2005-2006
TPC awaited the external auditors report.

November Agenda


Appointment of New Clerk
It was proposed by Cllr.R.Cheetham, seconded by Cllr.M.Mew & agreed unanimously, to approve a starting salary of Pt.18 on the NALC/SLCC pay spine for the new Clerk.


Committee Report


Cllr. Resignation
Cllr.J.Eichhorn announced her intention to resign as a member of TPC & as Editor of the Village Newsletter for personal reasons.
The Chairman & Cllr.R.Cheetham paid tribute to the contribution Cllr.J.Eichhorn had made to TPC & the local community & wished her well for the future.
UDC would be informed of the vacancy & procedures to advertise for a new Co-opted Cllr. would begin.
TPC’s would also need a new representative on the Alexia Wilson Trust.



November Agenda


Takeley 2007
The chairman emphasised the need to encourage new Cllr’s to stand at the May 2007 elections & the issue would be raised at local organisation/group meetings, & publicised in the Village Newsletter & the ‘Grapevine’.


All note


Section 106 – Morrells Green
UDC were still negotiating for payment with ‘David Wilson Homes’ & UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham was assisting in pursuing the matter.


November Agenda


Takeley Village Fireworks Night
It was proposed by Cllr.M.Mew, seconded by Cllr.M.Garrick & agreed unanimously, to donate £500 to Takeley Primary School as organisers of this annual village event (*S137 expenditure*).


Clerk to write


Finance Committee
The Finance Committee had met on 4.10.2006 & their report would be received at the November meeting.
The Clerk had written to Bob Weston (Weston Homes) asking if he was prepared to continue his annual donation to TPC for community projects.


November Agenda

All note


UDC – Community Achievement Awards 2006
Nominations had now been forwarded to UDC by Cllr.B.Baldwin & Cllr.J.Gregory.


All note




TPC agreed the following responses to PLANNING APPLICATIONS received:-                                                                                 
Renewal of planning permission for portakabins in car park of Diamond Hanger.
No objection
Erection of a conservatory at Woodview, Warrens Close.
No objection
Proposed new house on land adj. to Clover Bungalow, Bush End Road.
Comments:  The overall design is attractive and would fit in with the developing street scene of this area of Takeley and in particular is compatible in all respects with the new approved house to be built on the corner of Bush End Road. Whilst this site is well screened from The Street the developer is proposing to trim and thin the hedging along the front boundary.
No objection subject to:

  • The protective screening along the frontage is to be retained and no thinning or trimming to be permitted as a result of this development.
  • UDC to ensure that roof tiles are compatible with this location.
  • UDC to ensure that builders vehicles and materials are not parked or stored outside of the boundaries of the site.

Sub division of dwelling into 2 cottages etc. at 2 The Street Takeley.
No objection





Clerk to notify UDC



Priors Green – ‘Buffer Zone’
Following a meeting on 4.10.2006 (also attended by over 25 local residents) it was agreed that TPC object strongly to the proposals outline by 'Countryside Properties' in order for them to comply with the planning conditions originally imposed by UDC.
TPC fully supported the view that Countryside's proposals would have a detrimental effect on the existing properties in Warren Close & Smiths Green & would not achieve the necessary requirement of protecting those properties & residents from the loss of character, amenity, security, & privacy previously enjoyed.
TPC were concerned that the original Master Plan did not intend for this land to be subsumed into the gardens of the new properties on the Priors Green site, but that a buffer zone would meet the aims of the planning conditions by ensuring the existing houses did not suffer & that a structure landscaping scheme would be in place.
TPC therefore recommend that:

  • the management & control of the buffer zone should be handled by UDC
  • if it is not agreed that UDC manage & monitor the buffer zone, the stewardship of the buffer zone be handed to the existing properties in Warren Close & Smiths Green
  • covenants should be in place to ensure this occurs
  • the height & density of mature planting & landscaping in the buffer zone should be increased to ensure year round privacy 
  • evergreen planting should be increased to ensure good winter screening

Concern was expressed that, left to the new owners/tenants of the Priors Green properties, the land could be abused or mismanaged following Countryside' s 3 year period of supervision, to the detriment of the Warren Close & Smiths Green properties.





Clerk to notify UDC


BAA – HOSS Legal Challenge
It was agreed to write to BAA requesting support for BAA’s private tenants in Molehill Green. Bat surveys were being conducted at BAA properties in the village at considerable cost, but as yet no financial support had been proposed for tenants in the event of leases being terminated.


Clerk to write



EERA - Travellers/Gypsy Sites
It was proposed by Cllr.P.Barber, seconded by Cllr.J.Gregory & agreed unanimously, to approve Cllr.M.Garrick’s response to the consultation
(see Apx.B).


Clerk to write




Stansted Airport Fly Parking
TPC would publish details of the pilot scheme in the Xmas newsletter.


All note


Local Speed Reduction Issues
ECC Highways Officer Chris Stoneham would be invited to update TPC on speed reduction matters & other outstanding highways issues at the November meeting.


November Agenda


Takeley Entry Sign Planters
UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham & Cllr.R.Cheetham had applied for grant funding for the project & if successful a ‘licence to plant’ would be sought from ECC Highways.






Recreation Ground Report

Cllr.J.Green reported that equipment & grounds were in a satisfactory condition. Traffic cones needed to be removed.


All note


Sports Field Report
Cllr.M.Garrick reported that the litter problem had improved & that equipment & grounds were in a satisfactory condition.


All note



ROSPA Report 2006
It was agreed that Cllr.J.Green & Cllr.M.Garrick would draft a programme of essential remedial work needed at the recreation ground & sports field, following this years ROSPA report recommendations & the job estimates from Mr.P.Tucker.


November Agenda







Local Policing & Public Safety Issues Initiatives
Cllr.M.Garrick again expressed concern re. the lack of community policing in the Parish.
TPC would invite Inspector Boland from Gt.Dunmow Police Station to the November meeting.


November Agenda


Takeley Youth Initiatives
Cllr.M.Garrick reported that numbers attending the youth club at the Sports & Social Club had improved in the early autumn term.


All note


THE NEXT MEETING of Takeley Parish Council will be held on
Wednesday November 1st 2006 at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall at 7.30pm.

The meeting finished at 9.50 pm.

David Fossett              Clerk of the Council             8.10.2006