November 2006 Parish Council Minutes

A meeting of Takeley Parish Council was held on
Wednesday November 1st 2006, at 7.30pm at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall.


Cllr.Trevor Allen (Chairman)            Cllr. Carol Pratt  (Vice Chairman)
Cllr. Brian Baldwin                              Cllr. Patricia Barber    
Cllr. Michael Garrick                        Cllr. John Green
Cllr. John Gregory                           Cllr. Michael Mew
Mr.  David Fossett (Clerk)


Cllr. Richard Cheetham                     Cllr. Barrie Pountain
ECC Cllr.S.Flack                              UDC Cllr.Jackie Cheetham    
Mr.Chris Stoneham (ECC Highways Officer)

In Attendance:          

UDC Cllr.Richard Harris        Mrs.C.King    
Mrs.A.Yates                      Mr.R.Burden
Mr.M.Peachey                    PC. Neil Russell


The minutes of the October meeting, which had been circulated previously,
were agreed & signed as a true record by the Chairman.

Matters Arising:                   

B012/06 – Priors Green Development
It was noted that Cllr.M.Mew had declared an interest in this item & had left the room during the discussion & vote.


C023/04 – Local Speed Reduction Measures.Mrs.C.King, Mrs.A.Yates & Mr.R.Burden (local residents) made representations on various matters relating to Takeley Street - B1256. These included:-Street furniture, 30mph speed limit, Road calming measures, National Express Coaches & other heavy goods vehicles using the B1256.It was proposed by Cllr.J.Gregory, seconded by Cllr.C.Pratt & agreed unanimously to request that ECC erect a ‘Takeley Street’ location indicator sign under the Takeley entry sign on the B1256.The need for further road calming measures on the B1256 following the opening of the A120 was under review with ECC & ECC Officer Chris Stoneham would be asked to update TPC on progress at the December meeting.


C003/05 – National Express Coaches Nat. Express Head Office had instructed their drivers not to use the B1256 to access Stansted Airport in a gesture of good neighbourliness. However this needed to be constantly monitored & errant drivers reported. Contact numbers would be published in the Village Newsletter. Clarification would be sought on any night-time limitations to this instruction.




October Financial Report
Financial transactions for October 2006 were tabled & agreed.
S137 payments were noted.


All note


Audit 2005-2006
A satisfactory External Auditors report had been received & the audit concluded. The report would be discussed at the next Finance Committee meeting on 6.12.2006.


All note


Finance Committee Report
It was proposed by Cllr.B.Baldwin, seconed by Cllr.P.Barber & agreed unanimously to approve the report & recommendations of the Finance Committee (see Apx.A).
The Finance Committee would meet on 6.12.2006 to set a precept & draft a budget for 2007-08.



All note


TPC Co-opted Cllr.
If UDC informed TPC that a poll had not been requested by 3.11.2006, a vacancy for a new co-opted Cllr. would be advertised, with a deadline for applications by 30.11.2006.
Applications would be considered at the December meeting, with a view to a new Cllr. taking up office in January 2007.
TPC would also need a new representative on the Alexia Wilson Trust.



December Agenda


Editor - Village Newsletter
It was proposed by the Chairman & agreed unanimously, to invite Mr.Paul Regeli to become the new editor of the Village Newsletter.
The Christmas edition of the newsletter would be published.


December Agenda


Section 106 – Morrells Green
UDC were still negotiating for payment with ‘David Wilson Homes’ & UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham was assisting in pursuing the matter.


December Agenda


A095/06 – Govt.White Paper – ‘Strong & Prosperous Communities’.
It was agreed that discussion on the implications of the White Paper would be a future agenda item. Cllr’s would be encouraged to attend EALC’s conference on the subject planned for 28.11.2006.


December Agenda



B01 /06



TPC agreed the following comments on planning applications received.
Proposed new house on land adjacent to Clover Bungalow, Bush End Road.
No objection: TPC’s original endorsement would be confirmed with our original conditions.
Completion of restoration works to a landfill site at Crumps Farm, Little Canfield.
Brief Description:  Edwards Waste Management have applied for an extension to complete landfilling on this particular plot on the Crumps Farm site by 31/10/07. The proposal is to continue using in situ clays and soil to the agreed levels and contours and to finally return the land to agricultural use.
Comments:  Landfill material appears to be from waste on site so there should be no additional HGV traffic to and from the site.
No objection: Subject to there being no additional HGV traffic to and from the site as a result from this proposal.
Retention of sand and gravel extraction, processing etc, on a particular plot at Crumps Farm, Little Canfield.

Brief Description:  In 2004 ECC renewed permission for minerals extraction, processing etc.,from this particular plot on Crumps Farm until 28/2/42. Permission also specified that land filling was not allowed on this particular site. This proposal seeks to retain the existing rights but to bring forward the completion date to 31/10/33.

Comments:  This change is believed to result from a review of remaining capacity of minerals in the ground.
No objections subject to:

  • Revised deadline does not increase the current HGV traffic volumes to and from the site via the B1256.
  • A code of practice to be agreed and implemented between the owners of the site and the HGV operators which ensures that HGV vehicles accessing and departing the site can only access from and towards the direction of Dunmow and the A120 junction. Enforcement of this code will protect the amenity and quality of life of all those living along the B1256 to the west and residents of Hatfield Broad Oak.
  • Confirmation that infilling on this particular plot is forbidden.

APP/C1570/A/06/2025627/NWF and UDC Ref UTT/0018/06/FUL
Temporary construction of Haul Road during construction of initial phases of Priors Green.

Comments:  In August 2005 TPC agreed to this proposal subject to certain conditions. However UDC Development Control Committee were of a mind to refuse the application. As there appears to be no reason to change TPC’s original opinion. It is proposed that TPC confirm to the Inspectorate that its conclusions remain the same.


On behalf of Edwards Waste Management, the owners of Crumps Farm, ‘PDE Consulting’ are undertaking a review of a particular parcel of land on the site. The purpose is to establish capacity for future minerals extraction, methods employed, processing and a programme of restoration and aftercare. This review has been requested by ECC and is required under the Environment Act 1995. TPC have been invited to comment on the outline proposal. We have been advised that current reserves are estimated to be 130,000 tonnes of sand/gravel (5 years) and over 2 million tonnes of London Clay (25 years). Whilst a full and detailed planning proposal will follow in due course the following observations have been sent to PDE Consulting :-

  • Current HGV traffic to and from the site must not increase as a result of this proposal.
  • A code of practice to be agreed and implemented between the owners of the site and the HGV operators which ensures that HGV vehicles accessing and departing the site can only access from and towards the direction of Dunmow and the A120 junction. Enforcement of this code will protect the amenity and quality of life for those living along the B1256 to the west and residents of Hatfield Broad Oak.
  • It should be noted that any use of the western section of the B1256 beyond the site entrance will in future be impractical for HGV’s due to the introduction of 3 mini roundabouts on the B1256. These structures will provide access to the major residential development known as Priors Green and are also intended to provide a degree of traffic calming on this road.
  •  No infilling to be permitted especially from domestic, commercial or industrial waste.





Clerk to notify UDC



BAA – HOSS Legal Challenge
Following a recent Legal Group meeting in London the decision was taken on counsel’s advice to withdraw from the Appeal Court appeal. The court’s refusal to grant a Protective Costs Order (PCO) had exposed TPC to the risk of adverse costs if the appeal was refused. The cost of withdrawal at this stage was estimated at approx.£5k.
It was agreed that the next positive step would be an application to the European Court of Human Rights, where the human rights argument had a greater opportunity for a sympathetic hearing at far less cost.
The decision had been taken with the proviso that the strategy of petitioning the ECtHR remained within TPC’s original budget plan.
TPC’s legal team would now draft an application in time for the January 2007 deadline.
A press release would be published asap & supportive local parish councils informed.






All note



The Chairman left the meeting & Cllr.C.Pratt took the Chair.





Stansted Airport Fly Parking
ECC Highways Officer Chris Stoneham would be invited to update TPC at the December meeting.
TPC would publish details of the pilot scheme in the Xmas newsletter.


December Agenda


Four Ashes Cross Roads
Cllr.J.Gregory expressed safety concerns re. the condition of the road surface at the Four Ashes  junction. ECC Officer Chris Stoneham would be asked to update TPC on the progress of improvement works funded by a s106 agreement from the Hatfield Park Golf Course entrance project.
TPC had previously submitted a list of necessary improvements in February 2006.





Local Speed Reduction Issues – B1256
ECC Highways Officer Chris Stoneham would be invited to update TPC on speed reduction matters & other outstanding highways issues at the December meeting.


December Agenda


Takeley Entry Sign Planters
UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham & Cllr.R.Cheetham had applied for grant funding for the project & if successful a ‘licence to plant’ would be sought from ECC Highways.






Recreation Ground Report

Cllr.J.Green reported that equipment & grounds were in a satisfactory condition. Graffiti needed to be removed from the swings.


All note




Sports Field Report

Cllr.M.Garrick reported that equipment & grounds were in a satisfactory condition.
Grounds Maintenance 2007-2010
It was proposed by Cllr.M.Garrick, seconded by Cllr.J.Gregory & agreed unanimously, to continue with the current contractor, G.Coleman & Partners, under Best Value guidelines.



All note



ROSPA Report 2006
Cllr.J.Green & Cllr.M.Garrick recommended that the programme of essential remedial work needed at the recreation ground & sports field be considered in full by the Finance Committee following this years ROSPA report & the job estimates from Mr.P.Tucker.


Finance Committee






Local Policing & Public Safety Issues Initiatives
PC Neil Russell was in attendance to update TPC on the new model of ‘neighbourhood policing’ in the Parish. CPSO Sally Wardell had also been allocated to the Takeley area.
It was hoped that standards of local policing would improve & that the model of informal monthly meetings with Cllr.M.Garrick, to share intelligence & improve communication, would resume.



All note


Takeley Youth Initiatives
Cllr.M.Garrick reported that numbers attending the youth club at the Sports & Social Club had improved in the autumn term, but more volunteer helpers were desperately needed.


All note


THE NEXT MEETING of Takeley Parish Council will be held on
Wednesday December 6th 2006 at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall at 7.30pm.

The meeting finished at 10.00pm.

David Fossett         Clerk of the Council        8.11.2006