It was with some sadness that I heard that the Parish Council Newsletter was to be discontinued for financial reasons. I feel that a few words should be recorded here to mark its passing.

This incarnation of the Newsletter started in 1998 as a result of the Village Appraisal. This was a questionnaire which went out to all villagers in advance of the coming new millennium to determine what the villagers would like to see happening in the village. Two things that were either near or at the top of the list were the resurrection of the Newsletter (an earlier version of the Newsletter ran from December 1975 to April 1980) and a Local History Society. I am pleased to have been part of both of these from near the beginning of their existence.

It is clear from reading the first editorial, written by the first editor, Richard Cheetham, that although the Newsletter was very much wanted by the villagers, contributions were not very forthcoming.  This has been the case throughout the 20 years and 76 issues and getting a range of articles has remained a challenge. However, the regular contributors that we have had have been the mainstay of the Newsletter and on behalf of the editorial team I would like to thank all of them for their articles and support over the years.
Steve Hazon, Compositor, Takeley Parish Newsletter.

Older issues are now viewable on the Takeley Local History Society Newsletter Archive page

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