May 2006 Parish Council Minutes


A meeting of Takeley Parish Council was held on

Wednesday May 3rd 2006, at 7.30pm at Mole Hill Green Village Hall.



Cllr. Trevor Allen (Chairman), Cllr. Carol Pratt (Vice Chairman)

Cllr . Brian Baldwin, Cllr. Patricia Barber

Cllr. Richard Cheetham, Cllr. Michael Garrick

Cllr. John Gregory, Cllr. John Green

Mr. David Fossett (Clerk)



Cllr. Jan Eichhorn, Cllr. Michael Mew

Cllr. Barrie Pountain, ECC Cllr.Susan Flack

In Attendance:

UDC Cllr.Jackie Cheetham, UDC Cllr.Richard Harris


Annual Election of TPC Chairman

It was proposed by Cllr.B.Baldwin seconded by Cllr.J.Gregory & agreed unanimously to

reappoint Cllr.T.Allen as Chairman of Takeley Parish Council for 2006-2007.


Annual Election of TPC Vice-Chairman

It was proposed by Cllr.J.Gregory seconded by Cllr.M.Garrick & agreed unanimously to

reappoint Cllr.C.Pratt as Vice-Chairman of Takeley Parish Council for 2006-2007.



The minutes of the April meeting, which had been circulated previously, were agreed & signed as a true record by the Chairman.


Matters Arising:

F001/06 - Neighbourhood Watch

Two Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators were currently operating within the Parish.

B029/05 – BAA Stansted Airport G2 Project

Road Diversions & Stopping Up Consultation

TPC had written to Faber Maunsell (BAA Consultants) expressing concern re. the inclusion of Warish Hall Road in local road access plans for the Stansted Airport G2 project.

C023/04 – B1256 Speed Calming Measures

The success of current speed calming measures on the B1256 (new speed restriction signs) would be reviewed by Xmas & further calming measures recommended if necessary.



UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham suggested that TPC consider placing ‘planters' at the entry signs to Takeley along the B1256. The matter would be discussed further at the June meeting



April Financial Report

Financial transactions for April 2006 were tabled & agreed.


All note


Annual Parish Assembly

The Annual Parish Assembly would take place on Wednesday 10 th May 2006 at 7.30pm at the Silver Jubilee Hall.



All note


TPC 2007

It was proposed by Cllr.R.Cheetham seconded by Cllr.M.Garrick & agreed unanimously to adopt the ‘Takeley 2007 – Preparation for Change' paper (see April minutes) as the basis of TPC's management strategy in the lead up to a change of council & clerk in 2007. The principles behind the plan would be reviewed regularly.

The Finance Committee (meeting 18.5.2006) would recommend the new Clerk's salary scale & a draft contract/job description would be considered at TPC's June meeting, when an Appointments Committee would be selected.


June Agenda

Takeley Station House

A letter outlining TPC's use of the Station House had been received from Country Parks.

TPC would begin to use the Station House fas office facilities & for meetings & other uses would evolve gradually with the new Clerk & Council.

TPC's June meeting would be held at the Station House .


June Agenda





TPC agreed the following responses to PLANNING APPLICATIONS received:-



Erection of 2 storey dwelling on site east of ‘The Gables' Takeley Street

Object on the grounds of:

•  Overall size & scale of the proposed dwelling may be too large & austere for the location & relationship with neighbouring properties

•  The absence of chimney stacks is incompatible with neighbouring properties & results in a very austere building not in keeping with the general street scene.

•  Velux window in the front roof elevation is not in keeping with the general street scene.

•  The proposed vehicular access either side of a large central island on the front boundary is not in keeping with the general street scene.



New HQ Building for 494 Squadron ATS at 2 nd Ave , Stansted Airport

No objection.







Clerk to notify UDC




BAA Stansted Airport G1 - (UTT/0717/06/FUL)

BAA's planning application & Environmental Statement (Non Technical) would be circulated asap. A draft response would be produced by Cllrs.Barber, Cheetham & Mew for consideration at the June meeting & views would be sought from ‘SSE'. TPC had previously responded to BAA's consultation on the ‘Interim Master Plan' in October 2005.


UDC Development Control were arranging a series of special meetings to discuss the planning application & TPC Cllr's were invited to attend –

the first was planned for 24.5.2006 – ‘Explanation of Scope of the Application'.






June Agenda


BAA – HOSS Legal Challenge

The appeal papers were with the High Court & should be considered in the next few weeks.


A meeting to update supporting local Parish Councils & ‘SSE' would be held on 31.5.2006 at Takeley Station House at 7.30pm .


June Agenda

Clerk to write





Stansted Airport Fly Parking

UDC Cllr.R.Harris informed TPC that views on his suggested third option of a Residents Parking Permit Scheme at no charge was still being considered by UDC Officers.

TPC would discuss the matter again at the June meeting & ECC Highways would be made aware that the planned exhibition & local consultation should include all viable options







Bishop's Stortford Transport Strategy

Cllr.B.Baldwin would consider a suitable response to the consultation on TPC's behalf – deadline 2.6.2006.



June Agenda





Recreation Ground Report

Cllr.J.Eichhorn written report (in her absence) - no problems reported.

ROSPA inspection due this month.



All note


Sports Field Report

Cllr.M.Garrick reported that the skate board surface repair work needed further attention & he would investigate a card/token electric meter scheme for the changing room heaters.

ROSPA inspection due this month.


It had been agreed that Takeley Football Club would use a new pitch at the Sports Field for their youth team.





All note






Local Policing & Public Safety Issues Initiatives

Cllr.M.Garrick again expressed concern re. the lack of community policing in the area. Cllr.M.Garrick & Cllr.J.Gregory would raise the issue at the Police & Community Consultative Group (PCCG) meeting on 25.5.2006




All note


Takeley Youth Initiatives

Cllr.M.Garrick reported that the youth club at the Sports & Social Club was making good progress with 15-20 regulars & a new volunteer.




All note


Bus Shelter – Four Ashes Cross Roads

Further vandalism put the future of the bus shelter in doubt. Strategies for improved behaviour would be considered before a final decision was taken to remove it.




All note



THE NEXT MEETING of Takeley Parish Council will be held on

Wednesday June 7th 2006 at Takeley Station House at 7.30pm .




The meeting finished at 10.10 pm .


David Fossett Clerk of the Council 5.5 .2006