June 2006 Parish Council Minutes

A meeting of Takeley Parish Council was held on

Wednesday June 7th 2006 , at 7.30pm at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall.



Cllr. Carol Pratt (Vice Chairman), Cllr. Brian Baldwin

Cllr. Patricia Barber, Cllr. Richard Cheetham

Cllr. John Gregory, Cllr. John Green

Cllr. Michael Mew, Mr. David Fossett (Clerk)



Cllr. Trevor Allen, Cllr. Jan Eichhorn, Cllr. Michael Garrick, Cllr. Barrie Pountain, ECC Cllr.Susan Flack


In Attendance:

UDC Cllr.Jackie Cheetham, UDC Cllr.Richard Harris

Rev. Laurie Bond, Mr.Martin Peachy


In the absence of Cllr.T.Allen, Cllr.C.Pratt took the Chair.



The minutes of the May meeting, which had been circulated previously, were agreed & signed as a true record by the Vice-Chairman.


Matters Arising:




The Rev.L.Bond asked for clarification on the ‘ 1car1 ' business still operating from the site in Parsonage Road & still obstructing the footway. Cllr.M.Mew would clarify the situation with UDC's Enforcement Dept.




May Financial Report

Financial transactions for May 2006 were tabled & agreed.


All note


Finance Committee Report

Cllr.R.Cheetham outlined the main recommendations resulting from the Finance Committee meeting held on 28.5.2006.

It was proposed by Cllr.B.Baldwin seconded by Cllr.M.Mew & agreed unanimously, to approve the report's recommendations -

(see Apx.A. - May minutes).




All note


Audit 2004-2005

Following the External Auditors report & opinion of the 2004-2005 audit, Cllr.R.Cheetham had asked the Auditor to clarify how they intended to follow up recommendations outlined in their report.



Clerk to write


Takeley Station House

Delays in furnishing the premises had resulted in meetings being held at alternative venues.

TPC's July meeting would be held at the Station House .




All note


Audit 2005-2006

End of year accounts for 2005-2006 would be considered at the July meeting following the Internal Auditor's inspection. When approved the ‘statement of assurance' would be signed by the Chairman & the end of year return would be forwarded to the External Auditor.




July Agenda


Annual Parish Assembly

The Annual Parish Assembly had proved very successful & had been attended by 35 local people. The Chairman's annual report would be published on the web site.




All note


Appointment of New Clerk

It was agreed that the Clerk would draft an advert for publication in early July. The post would be advertised as 30 hours per week in the first instance with the opportunity of developing a full time post if TPC pursued Quality Status.

It was agreed that Cllr.B.Baldwin be added to the Appointments Panel.

A meeting would be arranged for the Appointments Panel to finalise interview & appointment arrangements.





July Agenda


Takeley 2007

Following the Chairman's announcement at the Village Assembly of his & the Vice-Chairman's intention to retire in April 2007, it was agreed that the need for new blood would be promoted & published via the newsletter, web site & through the local network.




July Agenda




TPC agreed the following responses to PLANNING APPLICATIONS received:-

UTT/0663/06/FUL First floor extension etc., at Hawthorns, The Street.

Objection on the grounds that:

•  The new roof shape, particularly the double pitched roof, is of an unattractive and incompatible design with the rest of the property.

•  The dormer design to the eastern elevation does not suit or co-exist with the main roof structure and would potentially lead to unattractive views and loss of amenity to the neighbouring bungalow.

UTT/0797/06/FUL - Site east of The Gables, Takeley Street

Objection on following grounds -

  • Overall width & scale of proposed dwelling too large & austere for the location & relationship with neighbouring properties
  • Absence of chimney stacks/features incompatible with neighbouring properties & resultant roof line incompatible with the general street scene


  • Velux window in front elevation not in keeping with street scene
  • Proposed vehicular access either side of large island on front boundary not in keeping with street scene.


TPC had no objections to:-

UTT/0732/06/LB - 2 Bassingbourne Lodge

UTT/0815/06/FUL - 26 Takeley Park

UTT/0816/06/FUL - Budget Car Rental, Coopers End Road

UTT/0759/06/AV - Building 130, Stansted Airport .







Clerk to notify UDC




UDC Licensing Committee – Sex Establishments

Views on UDC proposed licensing policy on sex establishments would be discussed at the July meeting.



July Agenda


BAA Stansted Airport G1 - (UTT/0717/06/FUL)

As UDC had extended the deadline for responses, a draft would now be produced for consideration at the July meeting & advice would be sought from ‘SSE'.

UDC Development Control were arranging a series of special meetings to discuss the planning application & TPC Cllr's were invited to attend.

The Clerk would ask Mr.T.Morgan (BAA) for copies of the Health Impact Assessment.




July Agenda


BAA – HOSS Legal Challenge

The appeal papers were with the High Court & would be considered in due course.

A successful meeting with supporting local Parish Councils & ‘SSE' was held on 31.5.2006 & a formal letter asking for receipt of financial pledges towards legal fees had been sent to Broxted, Great Easton, Gt & Lt Hallingbury & Hatfield Broad Oak Parish Councils.





July Agenda







Stansted Airport Fly Parking

ECC would organise a public exhibition at the Silver Jubilee Hall on 27.6.2006 as the first stage of the consultation process. The 2 options outlined by ECC Officers at the April meeting would be those on view.



July Agenda


Bishop's Stortford Transport Strategy

Cllr.B.Baldwin recommended that no comment was required.


All note


Takeley Entry Sign Planters

UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham & Cllr.R.Cheetham were continuing to investigate the viability & cost of the planters.



July Agenda





Recreation Ground Report

Cllr.J.Eichhorn (in her absence) - no problems reported.



All note


Sports Field Report

Cllr.M.Garrick's written report outlined increasing litter problems & damage to litter bins. Litter issues in both the Sports Field & the Recreation Ground would be discussed at the July meeting.


Cllr.M.Garrick had an appointment to talk with the ROSPA inspector during the recent annual inspection & would report at the July meeting.


An agreement for Takeley Football Club's use of the Sports Field had been drawn up.






All note






Local Policing & Public Safety Issues Initiatives

The Essex Police Neighbourhood Policing model for Uttlesford would be launched on 9.6.2006 & TPC would discuss the new arrangements at the July meeting.




All note


Bus Shelter – Four Ashes Cross Roads

Further vandalism put the future of the bus shelter in doubt. Strategies for improved behaviour would be considered before a final decision was taken to remove it. Side panels would be removed & the interior painted white following advice from the police.




All note



THE NEXT MEETING of Takeley Parish Council will be held on

Wednesday July 5th 2006 at Takeley Station House at 7.30pm .




The meeting finished at 9.15 pm .


David Fossett Clerk of the Council 11.6.2006