February 2006 Parish Council Minutes


A meeting of Takeley Parish Council was held on

Wednesday February 1st 2006, at 7.30pm at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall.



Cllr. Carol Pratt (Vice Chairman) Cllr. Brian Baldwin

Cllr. Patricia Barber Cllr. Richard Cheetham

Cllr. Jan Eichhorn Cllr. Michael Garrick

Cllr. John Gregory Cllr. Michael Mew

Cllr. Barrie Pountain Mr. David Fossett (Clerk)


Cllr. Trevor Allen (Chairman)

In Attendance:

ECC Cllr.Susan Flack UDC Cllr.Jackie Cheetham Mr.Martin Peachy

Mr.Peter Caufield & Mr.Alan Johnson ( Essex Community Watch)

In the absence of Cllr.T.Allen, Cllr.C.Pratt took the Chair.


Minutes: The minutes of the January meeting, which had been circulated previously, were agreed & signed as a true record by the Vice-Chairman .


Matters Arising: B012/05 - Jacks Lane - Priors Green Development

It was agreed that careful monitoring of the byway was needed during construction works.



Mr.Peter Caufield & Mr.Alan Johnson outlined the work of the organisation & hoped that it might be rejuvenated in Takeley with more local co-ordinators recruited. Although crime figures locally were down, public perception was the opposite. Takeley's frustration at the lack of communication with the local community policing team had not helped the situation. A planned meeting with the new Section Inspector at Great Dunmow aimed to re-establish the previous working model of monthly liaison meetings with the local community police officer. When reintroduced new Neighbourhood Watch volunteers would have a direct line of communication via TPC's responsible Cllr. to the community policing team.




TPC – Councillor Vacancy

UDC had received no request for a ballot & TPC would now advertise for a new co-opted Councillor. Closing date for applications 25.2.2006.



March Agenda


January Financial Report

Financial transactions for January 2006 were tabled & agreed.

The next meeting of the Finance Committee to finalise the budget plan for 2006-2007 would take place on 14.2.2006, 10.30 am at Beech Cottage.




All note


Audit 2004-2005

TPC had provided Lubbock Fine (External Auditor) with further information but were still waiting for the accounts to be signed off.



All note



UDC - South West Area Panel

The Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Cllr.J.Gregory had attended the first UDC SW Area Panel meeting & had recommended that Stansted Airport issues be a regular agenda item for meetings & that the work of the Great Dunmow Road Safety Advisory Committee should be absorbed by the new Panel.




All note




TPC agreed the following responses to PLANNING APPLICATIONS received:-

ESS/02/06/UDC Retrospective installation of additional landfill gas micro turbine generating set at Crumps Farm, Little Canfield No objection subject to adequate landscaping.

UTT/0065/06/FUL Continuation of development without complying to condition C.90A at the Coopers End Access Point into Stansted Airport No objection – but TPC request that heavy goods vehicles & buses should no longer be refused access via Coopers End in order to alleviate pressure on Takeley Street & the Takeley 4 Ashes cross roads, & that ‘fly parking' issues adj. Coopers End & the Montessori School are enforced & bunding reinstated.

UTT/2100/05/FUL & UTT/2102/05/LB Conversion/removal of redundant outbuildings/store to form 3 new dwellings/garages at Sheering Hall, Bambers Green. No objection

UTT/0018/06/FUL Temporary construction of Haul Road during initial phases of Priors Green development & site compound at La nd north of Dunmow Rd , Little Canfield No objection but re-emphasise the need for construction traffic to enter/exit from the east via B1256 from Gt.Dunmow.

UTT/0095/06/FUL Removal of condition that no more than 3 dwellings be built at DJR Cars, Dunmow Rd , Little Canfield. Objection – over development.














Clerk to notify UDC




Takeley Station House

Renovation works were now well under way & completion was estimated for April/May. TPC needed to plan its financial commitment & strategy for office relocation.

ECC Cllr.S.Flack suggested that an application for STACC funding should be considered for setting up costs etc.




March Agenda


BAA Stansted Airport – Generation 2 Project

It was agreed that the Clerk draft a final response for consideration at the March meeting. A poster would be published reminding local people of BAA's G2 exhibition at the Silver Jubilee Hall on 17.2.2006.

Cllrs.M.Garrick & M.Mew had agreed to attend a G2 presentation by senior BAA officials at Enterprise House on 16.2.2006.




March Agenda


BAA – HOSS Legal Challenge

TPC were still waiting for the official High Court pronouncement.

A press release announcing TPC's appeal would be published asap & a meeting re-convened with local supporting Parish Councils.



March Agenda


Old School House

UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham informed TPC that ECC had still not reached a decision on the future of the building.


March Agenda




ECC - Speed Reduction Programme

A meeting would be arranged with ECC – Highways to discuss suitable speed reduction measures (ie. 40mph speed limits) on Bambers Green & Warish Hall roads. This was planned to be financed in ECC's 2006/07 Locally Determined Budget.



Clerk to organise



Four Ashes Cross Roads

£10k funding was to be provided by the developer of ‘ Hatfield Park ' for improvements at the Four Ashes crossroads.

It was proposed by Cllr. Brian Baldwin , seconded by Cllr.M.Mew & agreed unanimously to identify the following priorities:-

1. Parsonage Road east side - install heavy duty bollards down to the ‘Old Fireplace Factory' to prevent vehicles parking on the footway & allowing safe passage for pedestrians/epv's etc.

2. Parsonage Road west side - install heavy duty bollards to prevent vehicles parking on the footway & allowing safe passage for pedestrians/epv's etc.

3. Parsonage Road east side - repair footway surface between 'Crossroads House' & 'Stanwell' & ensure water drains away from the footway.

4. Parsonage Road west side - repair footway surface between the public house & 'Baytree House'.

5. Parsonage Road west side - remove cause of road flooding adj. the public house.

6. Station Road west side - repair road surface between the entrance to Hawthorn Close & B1256.

7. Remove uneven road surface on the cross roads.









Clerk to inform ECC


Stansted Airport Fly Parking

ECC Officer Chris Stoneham would present parking restriction options at the April meeting.

April Agenda Review


ECC - Heavy Goods Vehicles – Traffic Survey

Results of the recent survey in Bambers Green & Warish Hall roads would be discussed at the April meeting with ECC Officer Chris Stoneham.


April Agenda Review




Recreation Ground Report

Cllr.J.Eichhorn reported that equipment was in good order.

The damaged safety surface had been repaired.


All note


Sports Field Report

Cllr.M.Garrick reported that electricity & water consumption at the Sports Field would be monitored with the help of Paul Tucker.

Three Valleys Water had been contacted re. the high water consumption, but had found no evidence of a leak.

Motorcyclists were causing problems & estimates for a ‘kissing gate' that restricted access would be obtained. Repairs to the skate board rink had been carried out.

Hatfields Youth Football Club had now paid half the rent for the current season.







All note





Local Policing / Public Safety Issues

Cllr.M.Garrick again expressed concern that the regular liaison meeting with the local community police officer had ceased following the departure of PC Jo Smith. Section Inspector Shaw at Gt.Dunmow police station had agreed to attend the March meeting to discuss local policing issues.

No public safety issues had arisen lately.





All note


Youth Initiatives

At the recent 6 monthly review meeting 12 adults had volunteered help with the Monday night Social Club sessions.

61 youngsters had now signed up as associate club members.



All note



THE NEXT MEETING of Takeley Parish Council will be held on

Wednesday March 1st 2006 at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall at 7.30pm .


The meeting finished at 10.15 pm .


David Fossett Clerk of the Council 3.2.2006