August 2006 Parish Council Minutes

A meeting of Takeley Parish Council was held on
Wednesday August 2nd 2006, at 7.30pm at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall.

Cllr. Carol Pratt (Vice Chairman)   Cllr. Brian Baldwin
Cllr. Patricia Barber                    Cllr. Richard Cheetham
Cllr. Jan Eichhorn                       Cllr. Michael Garrick 
Cllr. John Green                         Cllr. John Gregory 
Cllr. Michael Mew                       Cllr. Barrie Pountain
Mr.  David Fossett (Clerk)

Cllr. Trevor Allen (Chairman)            

In Attendance:          
UDC Cllr.Jackie Cheetham                Mr.Martin Peachy
Mrs.Jan Moller (Dunmow Times)

In the absence of Cllr.T.Allen, Cllr.C.Pratt took the Chair.

The minutes of the July meeting, which had been circulated previously, were agreed & signed as a true record by the Vice-Chairman.

Matters Arising:          

D010/06 – UDC Recycling

TPC had been informed that ½ size ‘wheely bins’ would be available on request from 2007.



July Financial Report
Financial transactions for July 2006 were tabled & agreed.
Letters of thanks had been sent to local Parish Councils who had sent donations in support of the HOSS legal challenge.


All note


Audit 2005-2006
Lubbock Fine had acknowledged receipt of TPC’s annual audit return.


All note


Takeley 2007
Strategies for raising local awareness of the need for new Parish Cllr’s to stand at the May 2007 elections would be discussed at the September meeting.


September Agenda


Appointment of New Clerk
The appointments panel would meet to shortlist candidates at 10.30am on 16.8.2006 at Takeley Station House.


All note


Hatfields Youth Football Club
HYFC’s lease for 1 pitch at The Sports Field was due to expire on 31.7.2007. A meeting to review the lease for the 2006-07 season would be arranged asap.


All note


Takeley Station House
It was proposed by Cllr.B.Pountain, seconded by Cllr.B.Baldwin & agreed with 1 abstention, to approve the proposed lease for TPC’s use of the facilities at Takeley Station House as drawn up by ECC’s Agents ‘Lambert Smith Hampton’.


Clerk to Write



Mole Hill Green - ‘Herts Care’
Recent complaints from residents of Mole Hill Green re. the behaviour of certain individuals under the supervision of ‘Herts Care’ had now been resolved. TPC would write thanking ‘Herts Care’ for their intervention.


Clerk to write


UDC – Community Achievement Awards 2006
Nominations would be discussed at the September meeting.
Deadline – 13.10.2006.


September Agenda




TPC agreed the following responses to PLANNING APPLICATIONS received:-                                                                                 
Demolition of existing property and erection of 2 pairs of semi-detached dwellings and 1 detached dwelling at Runnacles, The Street.
Brief Description:  This proposal is for the demolition of Runnacles and the erection of 2 pairs of semi-detached houses with their associated garages and 1 no detached dwelling and garage. In addition a new vehicular and pedestrian access will also be required. Each of the semi-detached houses will provide 3 bedrooms whilst the detached property will have 4. The buildings will have smooth rendered exterior walls with a brick facing plinth and concrete plain tiles to the roof. Two garage blocks are proposed to be built at the rear of the development providing 2 garages for each of the semi-detached houses. Access will be provided off the B1256 via a new communal driveway between the 2 pairs of semi’s.
Comments:  Whilst these new properties will follow the existing building line of the street the spacing between them results in a particularly cramped street scene. Furthermore the impact of losing the existing property, Runnacles, will dramatically and detrimentally affect the mix,  style, spacing and character of the existing street scene. The design of the proposed dwellings have a somewhat stark and austere appearance. The absence of any chimney stacks in the design especially when regarding adjacent properties results in an incompatible roofline along the street. 
Objection on the following grounds:

  • Demolition of the existing dwelling and erection of 5 houses and garages dramatically and detrimentally affects the existing mix, style spacing and character of the existing street scene.
  • The exclusion of chimney stacks in the design spoils and is incompatible with the roof-line of properties in the area.
  • The height, style and proportions of the designs results in an austere and stark development in a cramped space and totally incompatible with adjacent properties.

Erection of two dwellings (revised scheme to that approved under planning permission UTT/1885/05/FUL) on land adjoining
The Old Bakery, The Street.
Brief Description:  This and the original approved proposal is to erect 2 detached dwellings on land at The Old Bakery. No material changes appear to have been made to the original plan. We approved the original plan which involved the erection of these 2 attractive and stylish character properties.
Comments:  None.
No objection other than our original request that the colour and texture of the external finishes, including roof tiles and bricks, are in keeping with the area.

Erection of a mobile telephone mast adjacent to the BP service station on A120.
Brief Description:  The mobile telephone company O2 have requested to erect a 15 metre high radio mast adjacent to the BP service station on the A120. The purpose of this structure is to improve the level of service to their mobile phone customers in the vicinity of Stansted Airport. Alternative sites have apparently been considered but do not provide the required coverage.
Comments:  This 15 m. high single mast will be very prominent on the north side of the A120, adjacent to the BP service station, and would be seen by Takeley residents on the northern fringes of the village. It will have a detrimental impact on the current appearance of the surrounding area and installation could give rise to local concerns regarding health implications resulting from electromagnetic fields.
Objection on the following grounds:

  • Visual impact on the surrounding area and views from the north side of the village and A120 will be damaging and detrimental to a very open and flat area.
  • Local concerns related to the health impact issues especially regarding electromagnetic fields associated with these masts.
  • No satisfactory mitigation proposals to camouflage the mast.
  • No permission has been granted by BAA yet the mast will be within a 3km distance from Stansted Airport.










Clerk to notify UDC



BAA Stansted Airport G1 - (UTT/0717/06/FUL)
It was proposed by Cllr.B.Pountain, seconded by Cllr.J.Green & agreed unanimously, to approve TPC’s response to BAA’s G1 planning application (see Apx.A).
An extended deadline for TPC’s response had been agreed by UDC.


Clerk to write


BAA – HOSS Legal Challenge
Following the Appeal Courts’ decision to grant a full oral hearing, Richard Buxton (TPC’s solicitor) had written to the court asking for clarification on TPC’s Protective Costs Order (PCO) application, which the Judged had failed to mention.


September Agenda



EERA - Travellers/Gypsy Sites
Cllr.M.Garrick would report findings for consideration for the consultation response at the September meeting.


September Agenda




Stansted Airport Fly Parking
TPC awaited a progress report from UDC / ECC.

September Agenda


Local Speed Reduction Issues
ECC Highways Officer Chris Stoneham would be invited to update TPC on speed reduction matters & other outstanding highways issues at the October meeting.
ECC Cllr.S.Flack would be asked to report her findings on the funding arrangements for the Coopers End roundabout for the September meeting.


October Agenda


Takeley Entry Sign Planters
Cllr.R.Cheetham & UDC Cllr.J.Cheetham would update TPC at the September meeting.







Recreation Ground Report

Cllr.J.Green reported that signs, safety surface tiles, litter bins, seat slats, swing shackles & boundary fencing needed attention.


All note


Sports Field Report
Cllr.M.Garrick reported that litter was still a cause for concern & asked that the next issue of the Village Newsletter highlight the problem.
It was suggested that the Village Handyman be line-managed by Cllr’s J.Green & M. Garrick to ensure the recreation ground & sports field were visited once a week for litter duty.



All note



ROSPA Report 2006
Mr.P.Tucker would be asked to provide estimates for essential remedial work to the recreation ground & sports field as a result of the ROSPA report recommendations.



September Agenda





Local Policing & Public Safety Issues Initiatives
Cllr.M.Garrick again expressed concern re. the lack of community policing in the Parish.
TPC would invite PC.Neil Russell of the Hatfield Heath Police Community Team to the September meeting.


September Agenda


Takeley Youth Initiatives
Cllr.M.Garrick reported that the youth club BBQ had been successful & thanks were given to Mr.Rick Eichhorn for his help.
Although numbers attending the club had been down in the summer months it was hoped they would pick up again in the autumn.


All note


ECC – Draft Schools Consultation Plan
TPC would be guided by the Takeley School Governing Body in its response to the consultation – deadline 29.9.2006.


September Agenda


THE NEXT MEETING of Takeley Parish Council will be held on
Wednesday September 6th 2006 at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall at 7.30pm.


The meeting finished at 9.15 pm.

David Fossett                         Clerk of the Council                          5.8.2006