April 2006 Parish Council Minutes

A meeting of Takeley Parish Council was held on

Wednesday April 5th 2006 , at 7.30pm at Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall.


Present: Cllr. Trevor Allen (Chairman), Cllr. Carol Pratt (Vice Chairman)

Cllr . Brian Baldwin, Cllr. Patricia Barber

Cllr. Richard Cheetham, Cllr. Jan Eichhorn

Cllr. Michael Mew, Cllr. Barrie Pountain

Mr. David Fossett (Clerk)



Cllr. Michael Garrick, UDC Cllr.Jackie Cheetham, ECC Cllr.S.Flack

In Attendance:

UDC Cllr.Richard Harris

Jacky Brookfield, Mark Schofield, Derek Johnson – Faber Maunsell Consultants

Chris Stoneham Sonia Church – ECC Officers (Highways)



The minutes of the March meeting, which had been circulated previously, were agreed & signed as a true record by the Chairman.


Matters Arising: F001/06 - Neighbourhood Watch

TPC would request a list of the current Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators operating within the Parish.

B029/05 – BAA Stansted Airport G2 Project

Road Diversions & Stopping Up Consultation

Representatives from Faber Maunsell (BAA Consultants) presented a number of options for the re-routing, diverting & closure of local roads to accommodate BAA's G2 proposals. Details of plans for further development of the M11, A120, rail & public transport systems would follow later.

After listening to the options TPC asked that a clear message of rejection to the premature consultation & objection to the G2 proposals be taken back to BAA.




TPC – Councillor Vacancy

The Chairman welcomed newly co-opted Cllr.John Green to his first TPC meeting. Cllr.Green signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office & the Register of Members Interests.


Clerk to inform UDC


March Financial Report

Financial transactions for March 2006 were tabled & agreed.


All note


Annual Parish Assembly

The Annual Parish Assembly would take place on Wednesday 10 th May 2006 at 7.30pm at the Silver Jubilee Hall.



All note


TPC 2007

Recommendations for strategies to manage the lead up to the change of council in 2007 had been distributed & would be discussed at the May meeting.

May Agenda






TPC agreed the following responses to PLANNING APPLICATIONS received:-

UTT/0096/06/FUL Erection of a two storey extension at Montrose, The Street.

Comments: Extension will provide significant living accommodation with minimal impact to the frontage of the property, street scene and neighbours. The plan makes no allowance for an exterior window for the new first floor bathroom.

No objection but UDC will have to decide whether an appropriate ‘obscured' window is required for the new bathroom.

UTT/0173/06/FUL Single storey extension to 122, Takeley Park .

Comments: The property has a dominant position adjacent to a main access road around a central green space. The resultant property will be in keeping with others in the vicinity.

No objection.

UTT/0042/06/FUL Erection of a new detached building on land at rear of 8, Hamilton Close, Little Canfield.

Comments: It is difficult to consider this application in isolation due to its proximity to the Priors Green Estate and the special conditions that apply to developments so close to Priors Green. Issues such as style and compatibility with the Countryside designs have to be considered and beyond our remit. Nevertheless the style of the proposed house, its size, scale and exterior finishes, particularly to the roof will probably result in a justifiable refusal.

Object on the grounds that the style, size, scale and exterior finishes (especially the roof) are incompatible with the location.

UTT/0200/06/FUL Significant extension and alteration to Kambria, Jacks La ne.

Comments: It should be noted that the existing bungalow has been empty for some considerable time. The resultant property will be an attractive cottage style chalet and will enhance the current location. The height of the current roofline will increase modestly.

No objection.

UTT/0251/06/OP Outline application for two dwellings on land south of Willow Tree Cottage, Broadfield Road .

Comment: The application originally was for a single dwelling but has now been upgraded to request permission for 2 dwellings. The size of plot is approx. 531sq metres but appears to be extremely narrow and access for two properties is somewhat questionable.

Object on the grounds of size and shape of plot appears to be inappropriate for two dwellings.

UTT/0199/06/FUL Dropped curb and vehicular access to property at 4, Station Road .

Comment: This property is semi detached and is one of four that front on to Station Road . Whilst the other dwellings have dropped curbs for some reason no.4 does not, yet has a garage!

No objection.

UTT/0316/06/SA Change to the new bus terminal at Stansted Airport

No objection.

U TT/0303/06/REN Renewal of permission previously granted at Bonnington Farm.

Comments: Survey documentation confirms that the development of the site would not affect any protected species.

No objection.

UTT/0400/06/FUL Loft and garage conversion at ‘Remarc', Dunmow Road .

Comments: The overall design and concept are good and result in a well balanced and proportioned bungalow. There is sufficient space for car parking within the grounds of the property.

No objection.


UTT/0360/06/FUL Changes to office building previously approved at Old House Farm, Stansted Courtyard, Parsonage Road .

Comments: These changes particularly affect the side of the building that faces the NE edge of Takeley. By increasing the height of the lower roofline to accommodate more floor space and the introduction of full length windows at first floor level will detrimentally affect views, privacy and general amenity of residents in this particular part of the village. The resultant structure is too tall and is not in keeping with the area. The plan now caters for 120 car park spaces associated with the new building which seems excessive. Furthermore no plans have been submitted regarding structural landscaping and planting on the site as a result of the changes.

Object on the grounds of:

•  Changes to the wall height, introduction of full length windows and central full length gable to the west elevation will detrimentally affect views, privacy and general amenity particularly for Takeley residents along the NE edge of the village.

•  The introduction of a full first floor creates a tall and austere structure that would not be in keeping. The original approved design is more in keeping with the area and its origins as a barn.

•  120 related car park spaces is excessive.

•  No plans for revised structural landscaping and planting.

•  No indication of external lighting scheme.















Clerk to notify UDC




BAA – HOSS Legal Challenge

Following receipt of the Judge's decision transcript, a skeleton appeal argument was being prepared by TPC's legal team.

Once it was available a follow up meeting would be called with supporting local Parish Councils.




May Agenda


Takeley Station House

The Chairman, Vice Chairman & Clerk had met with Tim Dixon ECC ‘Country Parks' Commercial Manger who had been handed management control of the Station House much to TPC's surprise. Although ‘Country Parks' would be in day to day control of the Station House much of the original plans for TPC's use of the resource would continue except the annual financial contribution to running costs.

TPC would begin to use the Station House for office facilities & meetings & other uses would evolve gradually with the new Clerk & Council.


TPC's May meeting would be held at the Station House .


Should building completion be delayed the alternative venue would be Mole Hill Green Village Hall.







May Agenda





ECC Officers Chris Stoneham & Sonia Church were in attendance to discuss road issues.



Stansted Airport Fly Parking

Following preliminary discussions with UDC (enforcement authority) Sonia Church proposed two experimental options for consideration.

•  Restricted Parking Zones 1000>1100hrs Monday > Friday

•  No Waiting Zones > One side of road 1000>1100hrs M/W/F

Other side of road 1000>1100hrs T/Th

Concerns were expressed that both schemes would protect the roads chosen for inclusion but push the problem onto unprotected roads.

Protected roads included in phase one of the experimental scheme were

Chestnut Way, Garnetts, Roseacres, Leyfield, Gorefeld, Hawthorn Close.

If successful a second phase may include all Takeley roads.

UDC Cllr.R.Harris suggested a third option of a Residents Parking Permit Scheme if UDC would allow no charge for permits.

It was proposed by Cllr.C.Pratt seconded by Cllr.J.Eichhorn & agreed unanimously, to ask Cllr.R.Harris to raise the viability of a third option of a Takeley Residents Parking Permit at No Charge with UDC.









May Agenda


B1256 Speed Calming Measure

Orders had now been sealed for speed limits planned following the opening of the new A120 & signs should be in place after Easter.

After a period of time a review of any further measures needed would take place.



All note



Four Ashes Cross Road Improvements

Orders for improvements suggested by TPC were ongoing.

Bollards agreed for outside Takeley School would be reordered by Sonia Church.


All note



ECC – Planned Parish Visits

Cllr.B.Baldwin submitted a request list for local road repair & maintenance works.


All note



ECC - Heavy Goods Vehicles – Traffic Survey

Survey results had shown no conclusive evidence of misuse on Warish Hall & Bambers Green Roads & no success was likely on limiting heavy goods vehicles on the Hatfield Broad Oak, Parsonage Road route or via Coopers End on to the A120.

However, following recent meetings with ECC, speed limit proposals for Warish Hall & Bambers Green Roads could be introduced this Autumn.





All note


Takeley Parish Entry Signs

It was agreed that the Chairman would submit a design for parish entry signs to Chris Stoneham for ECC's consideration.



All note



Morrells Green

20mph speed restriction signs had not been removed & Chris Stoneham would follow the matter up with the police.



All note








Recreation Ground Report

Cllr.J.Eichhorn reported that equipment was in good order, but work was needed to remove rubbish & repair seat slats.



All note


Sports Field Report

Cllr.M.Garrick's written report stated that equipment was in good order & recommended considering a coin electric meter for the changing rooms.

A £800 estimate for a motorbike gate inhibitor had been received.




All note






Local Youth Initiatives

No report in Cllr.M.Garrick's absence.



All note



THE NEXT MEETING of Takeley Parish Council will be held on

Wednesday April 5th 2006 at Takeley Station House at 7.00pm .




The meeting finished at 9.15 pm .


David Fossett Clerk of the Council 1 6.4.2006