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For just a few pounds there are a variety of different technological solutions that can massively increase the security of your property e.g. the ‘sneak-in alarm’. A simple device that you hang over the inside metal door handle and switch on (specially good for technophobes). If anyone touches the outside handle it will activate with a piercing siren. They are under £10 and will deter those trying to get into side and backdoors possibly to steal car keys?? There are all sorts of other goodies and if you buy in bulk you can get a job lot for very little (a box of 25 sneak ins come out at under £3 each). Also there are shed alarms which will scare off the most determined of intruders at around £10 each.


Despite repeated warnings we are finding that over 50% of our thefts from vehicles are from cars that have not been locked!!


Please, please, please take the simple step of LOCKING YOUR CAR!


HOME SECURITY - Most homes are burgled during daylight hours by opportunists.


SHED AND GARAGE SECURITY - Many sheds and garages are burgled at night




HEATING OIL SECURITY  - Now a high-value commodity, heating oil is often stolen at night

§         MOVE IT: If the tank is located away from the house, move it closer where you can keep a better eye on it

§         SCREEN IT: If the tank can be seen from the road, then screen it with fencing or hedging.

§         CAGE IT: Consider building a metal cage around it with a secure entrance gate.

§         CONCEAL PIPE WORK: Reduce the locations that it can be attacked. Conceal external pipe work.

§         CUT THE POWER SUPPLY: Ensure that any electrical control boxes or switches are in a secure environment. (Your house?)

§         BLOCK VEHICLE ACCESS: Keep vehicles as far away from your tank as possible, Use locked gates, parking posts or hooped barriers. Install a driveway alert monitor

§         INVEST IN GOOD LIGHTING: Fit movement activated lighting and consider the type that activates a buzzer in the house when it switches on. Adjust the sensitivity to prevent false alarms.

§         CHECK YOUR HOME INSURANCE: Ensure that your home insurance covers you for the loss/theft of your heating oil.


CAR AND VAN SECURITY – Vehicle security is very good these days – It’s usually the owners who are the problem!


CATALYTIC CONVERTER THEFTS – A new trend caused by the escalating value of scrap metal.


CARAVAN, TRAILER AND HORSEBOX SECURITY – usually working at night, thieves in rural areas will often travel across fields to reach their targets.










01376 556 233 (Uttlesford) or 01376 556210 (Braintree)


Please note: The advice given in this document does not guarantee that you won’t again be a victim of crime, but merely suggests measures that might deter criminal activity. No contract, either express or implied, has been entered into with Essex Police, its officers, staff, agents or employees.